There are times when you enjoy leaving your apartment at Icon Beaverton and working out at the gym or taking a run at a nearby park. At other times, you would rather stay in. The good news is there are plenty of exercises you can do in your Beaverton, OR apartment rental and not disturb your neighbors. Here are a few you can try the next time the mood to work out hits.


Yoga Works Great

Yoga is a discipline that is capable of working quite a few muscles while also providing your mind with a bit of serenity. Even better, your sessions don’t require making any noise at all. You can either go through the routines with complete silence or put on some soothing music that helps you to ground yourself mentally and physically.

All you really need for yoga is a mat, a towel, and something comfortable to wear. Add in a little clear floor space in the living room of your rental at Icon Beaverton Apartments and you are good to go.

Counter Push-Ups for Your Upper Body

Another easy way to exercise in your rental unit at Icon Beaverton is to perform what is known as counter push-ups. The process is a lot like doing a standard push-up, except you are going to be using the kitchen counter instead of the floor.

Stand a couple of feet away from the counter and allow your body to lean toward the counter. Position your hands and arms so they are even with your shoulders. Keep your back and legs straight. Slowly bend your elbows until your nose is just above the counter, hold for a count of ten, and then straighten your arms. Repeat as many times as you like.

This easy exercise is good for your shoulders, upper arms, and even for your chest. Take your time and don’t rush. By keeping up the resistance created by your body weight a little longer, you give the upper body more of a workout.

Sofa Sit-Ups

This one will involve moving the coffee table out of the way. Spread your yoga mat on the floor so the end is just under the edge of the sofa. Lay down and place your toes under the sofa edge. You may want to wear some type of padded footwear that prevents too much pressure on your insteps.

With your knees slightly bent, raise your upper body forward and touch your knees using the elbows. Slowly lower your body back toward the mat but not quite all the way to the resting position. Repeat as many sit-ups as you can manage. The workout will help strengthen your core and tone your middle.

Along with being exercises that don’t require you to make much noise, they also don’t require bulky equipment that has to be stored somewhere in your Icon Beaverton Apartment rental. Give them a try the next time it’s raining and you don’t feel like going anywhere. In a matter of weeks, you’ll begin to see a few changes in the way you look and feel.