No matter how tidy you happen to be, there’s a junk drawer somewhere in your Icon Beaverton apartment rental. It may be in the kitchen or it could be a drawer in the china cabinet. You might even have a junk drawer in the bathroom or somewhere in the bedroom. Since junk drawers tend to get out of control quickly, you need to contain the situation now. Here are three simple resources you can use to bring order to the chaos and ever have to utter the words “Where is it? I know it’s here somewhere.”


Business Card Boxes

You’ve seen those small cardboard boxes that house 500 business cards. Did you know they are great for keeping the junk drawer organized. In a standard sized drawer, it’s easy to arrange several of them like pieces in a puzzle. That provides you with an easy way to keep your spare batteries, matches, shorter extensions cords, and other items grouped together and easy to find.

The perk of using these boxes is that you can often pick them up for free. Many people toss them once they get the cards from the printer. One or two inquiries to friends who work in an office will likely result in more boxes than you can use. Once you outfit your junk drawer, pass the rest off to a friend who could use a few to organize a drawer in his or her apartment at Icon Beaverton.

Freezer Bags

Another inexpensive way to go is purchase quart and gallon sized freezer bags. These bags are thicker material than the same size of sandwich bags so they will last longer. Group the items you keep in the junk drawer by categories so you know how many bags are needed. Put your home printer to good use and create labels for each of the bags.

Don’t cram too many items in each bag. The idea is to make sure each one lays more or less flat. That makes it easy to stack or layer them in the drawer and find whatever you need at a glance. If you do go with the layered approach, make sure to position each label on the top third of the bag. That makes it easier to open the drawer, quickly scan the labels, and choose the bag containing what you need.

Wooden Rulers or Yardsticks

If you are the crafty type, consider picking up some cheap wooden or plastic rules and getting out your hot glue gun. The plan is to use those rulers to create an insert that fits neatly into the drawer and makes the most of the space. Measure pieces to and cut the rulers or yardsticks into sections that create compartments of different sizes. Once you have everything cut to fit, use the hot glue gun to attach the segments.

The great thing about this approach is you get to customize the drawer so it holds whatever you like to keep in the space. One compartment holds your note pads while another is perfect for pens and pencils. Smaller batteries are right at home in one compartment while another one is reserved for larger ones. Even things like odd buttons, scissors, and your handy glue gun and sticks will have a place in the drawer.

When you looked at Icon Beaverton apartments for rent, the creation of a junk drawer was probably not on your mind. Even so, you have one and it needs help. Try these tips and see what you think. Once the drawer is organized, you’ll never waste time trying to find what you need right this minute again.