While you love the furniture chosen for your Beaverton apartment rental, the place could use something else. It dawns on you that a few house plants would make all the difference. If you have never invested in plants before, follow these tips and they will be sure to add just the right touch to every room.


Where Will the Plants Go?

Since you are starting with no plants in your Icon Beaverton apartment, there’s the opportunity to decide in advance where they will go. Look around each room and decide where you would like something alive and green to brighten up the place.

Perhaps you like the idea of creating a group of plants that rest under one of the living room windows. You may decide small pots containing different herbs would look lovely in the kitchen. Something lush and green to rest on an occasional table in the bedroom may be just what you have in mind.

Deciding where you would like to place a plant or two makes it easier to know in advance the number and the sizes needed. Thanks to your advance preparation, it will be simpler to seek out plants that tend to stay more or less the size you want and ensure that the scale of each room is not disrupted.

Consider the Amount of Natural Light in Each Area

As you decide where to place those plants, think about the amount of natural light reaching each of those areas. It’s fine if there is a lot in one space and not much in the other. What you will do is choose plants that thrive with lots of light in those sunnier spots and go with plants that need little to no direct light in other parts of your apartment.

If you are not sure how to choose based on the amount of light needed, don’t despair. You’ll find that the staff at the local nursery can help you find plants that are ideal for what you have in mind.

Going With Low Maintenance Plants

Some house plants require quite a bit of attention while others seem to grow better if you do nothing more than give them a little water every week or so. Depending on how much time you want to invest in taking care of the plants, it makes sense to go with something that requires little attention. This is especially helpful if you know from past experience that taking care of plants is not one of your strong suits.

Remember there’s no rush when it comes to finding the right house plants. Consider shopping for plants destined for one room in your apartment at a time. This allows you to finish with that area before you move on to the next one. Along the way, you’ll learn more about what plants to consider, where to find the best bargains, and pick up a tip or two for keeping the greenery from becoming a collection of thin brown twigs.