When you first moved into your Icon Beaverton apartment rental, investing in all new furniture was out of the question. Fortunately, your bedroom suite is still in great shape. The only problem is the mattress leaves something to be desired. Should you buy a new one now or can it wait? Here are four signs you should go mattress shopping now.

4 Signs That It’s Time to Purchase a Mattress for Your Icon Beaverton Bedroom-min

You’d Like a Larger Bed

One of the nice things about your bed frame is that it can be adjusted to support a double or a queen mattress. At present, you do own a double mattress but the bedroom in your Icon Beaverton apartment is easily large enough for a queen bed. Since you like the idea of having more room to stretch out at night and there is plenty of space, why not treat yourself? You’ll be surprised at how quickly to learn to love that larger bed.

You Feel Drained in the Morning

Sleep is supposed to refresh you. That’s not happening a lot these days. More often, you wake up feeling a little stiff in the knees and elbows. You also feel as if you didn’t sleep all that well.

These are all signs that the mattress is no longer offering the level of support needed to achieve deep sleep. If you choose to buy something that will help keep your spine properly aligned and ensure there is no pressure on your neck, sleep will come more easily. That translates into feeling better in the morning and having more energy throughout the day.

The Mattress is Sagging

While you have the type of mattress that can be turned now and then, it still sags no even when you flip it. That’s a good sign that it’s no longer in the best shape. Instead of trying to figure out creative ways to pad the mattress and hide the sagging, buy a new one. You’ll be much happier with the way the coverlet fits.

Your Mattress is Getting Up in Years

Did you know that experts recommend replacing mattresses every ten years? Thinking back, it’s hard to remember exactly when you purchased the one you are currently using. Since it’s obviously been around for some time, go ahead and start looking at replacements. If it isn’t already ten years old, the mattress is probably getting close to that mark anyway.

While these are all fine reasons to purchase a new mattress for your Icon Beaverton apartment, the fact is that you really don’t need an excuse. If you like the idea of a new mattress or even a completely new bedroom suite, start comparing different styles and options. Many of the local retailers are more than happy to deliver the purchase and haul away the old one free or for a low charge. Since you plan on living in your apartment for many more years, you may as well ensure your bedroom is just as comfortable as the rest of the place.