You are excited about the move to Icon Beaverton Apartments and look forward to calling it home for quite a few years. Now that you are unpacked, it’s time to begin building rapport with your neighbors. If you are not sure how to go about the process, here are some tips that will help.

4 Tips for Getting to Know the Other Residents at Icon Beaverton-min-min

Say Hello

At present, no one knows you. While a few people may say hello in passing, others will hesitate to do so. That’s why you should take the initiative and say hello when you happen to pass a neighbor in the parking lot.

Remember that you aren’t necessarily looking to strike up a conversation at this point. The goal is to convey that you are approachable. In some cases, a hello in return will be all that you get at first. Consider that to be enough and remember to repeat it when you run into those same people in the days to come. It won’t be long until someone will want to chat for a moment or two. From there, becoming acquaintances and possibly friends is likely to follow.

Watch the Volume

There are all sorts of little ways you can show consideration for your neighbors. One has to do with being mindful of how loud you play your music or adjusting the volume level on the television down a little after a certain time in the evening. You don’t yet know if any of your neighbors have to be up early for work or if someone is sleeping during the day because of working at night. Until you have a better idea of when your neighbors are up and around, it makes sense to keep the volume down.

Help Out When You Can

When you see a neighbor could use a hand with carrying a package or changing a flat tire, make the offer to help. In some cases, you offer will be accepted. At other times, the neighbor will decline but appreciate the fact that you made the attempt. In either case, accept the response and don’t push. Your courtesy and the fact you respect boundaries will get around the grapevine at Icon Beaverton Apartments and people will begin to accept you as part of the group.

Take Things Slowly

Whatever approaches you use to get along with your neighbors, remember to not try too hard. In today’s world, it’s not unusual for people to take a little time to open themselves up to someone who is new. The fact that some of the other residents hold back is no reflection on you or your character; it just means they may have encountered someone in the past who turned out to be a very different person than they first presented themselves to be.

Be willing to take your time and let the process of getting to know one another develop naturally. Be polite, help out when you can, and remember to respect the boundaries set in terms of greetings, small talk, and other interactions. In a matter of weeks, you’ll make some friends among the residents at Icon Beaverton and begin to feel like part of the group.