Now that fall is here, you want to begin the transition from your summer colors to the browns, oranges, reds, and yellows that reflect the new season. Adding a few touches of autumn to your Icon Beaverton apartment will not be difficult or expensive. In fact, some strategies will cost nothing at all. Try these four to get started and see what you think.


Cover Your Throw Pillows

There’s no need to buy new throw pillows that are covered with fall colors. All you really need is some standard size pillow cases. Take a look at your color scheme and pick out some of the secondary colors that happen to also be associated with the autumn. Purchase cases in those colors at a local discount store. Drop each pillow into a case and then tuck the open end inside. Distribute the pillows around the living room so the colors are balanced.

Add a Runner to the Coffee Table

Adding a runner with an autumn theme will liven up the coffee table and also help the fall colors to stand out more prominently. While you could buy one ready made, visit your local fabric store instead. Check out the sale table where the remnants are sold. You are likely to find enough fabric in a fall color or pattern to create your own runner.

For those who aren’t all that comfortable with a needle and thread, purchase a small roll of basting tape. Cut your runner to size, leaving one inch extra all the way around. Fold the ragged edges over and tuck the tape in the folds. Use an iron to activate the tape. You’ll have clean edges that will easily last until it’s time to decorate for December.

Dress the Dining Table With a New Centerpiece

Nothing says autumn like pine cones and leaves in all sorts of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds. To dress up the dining table in your apartment at Icon Beaverton, head to the thrift shop and purchase a tall chunky clear glass vase. Visit a friend who happens to have plenty of pine cones and some colorful leaves taking up space on the ground. Collect enough to fill your vase. Remember to layer the colors and the pine cones so everything is more or less evenly distributed. The result will be a dramatic centerpiece that adds color but is also easy to move if necessary.

Add a Wreath or Two

Who says wreaths are for apartment doors only? You can use them to add more autumn color by hanging them on closet doors or even using a couple to flank the print you have hanging over the sofa. Cheap wreath forms can be purchased at thrift shops. You can visit a dollar store to get silk leaves and other items you need to create your own designs. Use a hot glue gun or straight pins to secure everything to the form.

The warm colors of autumn will go a long way toward making your Icon Beaverton apartment rental feel cozier and more inviting. It only takes a few touches here and there to create the effect you desire. Take a Saturday afternoon, do these quick projects, and you will be amazed at what a difference they make.