You love cooking in your Icon Beaverton apartment rental because the kitchen has just the right amount of space to keep things organized. Along with preparing some great meals, you take pride in keeping the kitchen clean. One chore that you’ve not done in some time is cleaning the oven. Even with self-cleaning units, there is sometimes the need to step in and do a little cleaning by hand. Here are some of the reasons you should take a peek inside and spend a little time removing the buildup.

african woman cleaning stove in the modern kitchen

The Food Tastes Better

As the amount of carbon builds up in the oven, it will have some impact on the way your casseroles and other baked foods taste. At first, it’s somewhat subtle and you may not notice much of a difference. Over time, you’ll notice that your favorite recipes seem to have more of a smoky flavor. Once you finish cleaning the oven, the dishes you prepare will once again taste as they should.

The Smoke Alarm Goes Off Less Often

The same buildup that impacts the taste of the foods you prepare at your apartment at Icon Beaverton also contributes to the creation of smoke when the oven is in use. If you’ve been wondering why the smoke alarm seems to go off while you are cooking, it’s because of those barely detectable wisps of smoke that escape from the oven and make their way to the alarm.

It’s true that it only takes a moment to reset the alarm, but the task is irritating. If you keep the oven clean, the smoke alarm will not sound as often and you can continue to cook without being interrupted.

You Eliminate a Health Risk

The little bit of smoke that comes from the oven does more than cause the alarm to sound. It can also pose a health risk to you over time. Little by little, the exposure to the carbon released in the air can trigger respiratory discomfort. If you notice that the sniffles seem to come more often than they did a few months ago or that you cough a little when preparing food, it could be because it’s time to clean the oven.

You Save Money and Energy

The buildup in the oven also leads to needing more energy to reach and maintain the desired cooking temperature for your favorite dishes. The use of more energy leads to higher utility costs. Taking the time to clean the oven when necessary will eliminate the waste of energy and in turn reduce the amount of the monthly utility bill. While it may not seem like much from one month to the next, the amount you save over the course of the year can certainly be put to better use.

When was the last time you cleaned the oven in the kitchen of your Icon Beaverton apartment? If you are not sure, take that as a sign to set aside an hour or so to give the oven some attention this weekend.