You made a wise move by checking out the Beaverton apartments for rent and deciding that Icon Beaverton was the place to be. Now that you’ve moved in your clothes and the other things you already own, it’s time to think about decorating the place. Since money may be a little tight right now, consider using these tips to make your apartment into a real home.


Plants Work Wonders

There are few ways to decorate an apartment for less than bringing in some plants. You’ll find bargains at local plant nurseries that make it easy to arrange a nice selection of greenery in a corner, on a bookshelf, or under a window. Along with adding something of interest to the room, those plants also help fill a space that would otherwise look a little empty and lonesome.

If you don’t have great luck with live plants, don’t despair. There are many local outlets that carry silk greenery for reasonable prices. You could find a beautiful ficus tree on sale that will be the perfect touch for your dining area. Smaller silk greenery is also great for tucking in places here and there when you want something green but the lighting is somewhat dark.

Books Add Interest

Even in an age when many people prefer electronic books, don’t overlook the idea of using hard copies as decorating accents. You can visit some of the thrift shops or yard sales in the local community and come up with some great looking books for next to nothing. Those books can be combined with framed photographs, knick knacks, and candles to create visually attractive collections on end tables, shelves, and other spots around the apartment.

Remember to look for books with colorful spines or book jackets. That will be one more subtle way to introduce more color to your space and help bring out any secondary colors found in the furniture upholstery or your area rugs.

Create Your Own Wall Art

If you’ve priced wall art lately, you know how expensive it can be. That’s especially true when you would like a larger piece for the living or dining area. One way to get around the expense is to create your own wall art.

By checking around art supply stores, you can find a canvas or two that is the right size. Group several if you want to fill a larger space. Remember that you can paint simple symbols like a pound or dollar sign on each one as part of a group. There’s also the option of buying several different colors and doing hand stamps across each canvas. Even something as simple as drawing a few interlocking geometric shapes on the canvas will create something that’s visually pleasing.

Don’t think you have to be an artist to come up with something suitable. Have fun with the project and you’ll be surprised at how you come up with something that may be a little abstract but brings a lot of life to the room.

An apartment for rent in Beaverton doesn’t have to be a sterile and uninspired living space. By adding a few personal touches, you can make the place truly your own. With very little money, it’s possible to add a few elements that reflect your personality and tastes without having to eat pasta for the next two weeks.