One of the reasons you chose your Icon Beaverton apartment rental was the amount of room on hand to entertain. While you love having friends over, there are times when you would like to stay at home, decompress from a busy week, and be by yourself. Here are some tips on how to arrange an evening so you can do just that.

Home Alone at Your Icon Beaverton Apartment Planning an Evening All to Yourself-min

Spread the Word You Will Be Unavailable

There’s no need to get into the details. Tell everyone in your social network that you will not be available for the evening. If anybody presses for details, consider saying you are going to a retreat and electronic devices are not allowed. No one has to know you will be at a retreat for one in your own apartment at Icon Beaverton.

Turning Your Devices Off

One of the first steps to enjoying an evening alone in your Icon Beaverton apartment is to make yourself inaccessible for the evening. That means turning off your smartphone, shutting down the laptop or tablet, and in general making texts, phone calls, and contacts by social media are not possible.

One exception to the device rule is your television. You might be using it for entertainment purposes later.

Load Up on Your Favorite Foods

What’s an evening at home in your apartment at Icon Beaverton without food? This is your evening to indulge so food and beverages that you haven’t had in awhile. You can order take out or delivery for convenience. If cooking happens to be one of the ways you relax, pick up the ingredients to make one of your favorite dishes and have a wonderful time.

Choosing Your Entertainment

What type of entertainment are you in the mood to enjoy? How about a book you’ve been meaning to read? Maybe you want to binge-watch old movies or stream some of your favorite shows using your television’s Internet capability. Has it been a long time since you curled up on the couch and listened to some of your favorite music? Go with one or all three of these options if that will make your evening at home all you want it to be.

Wear Something Comfortable

With no one at home, you can wear your most comfortable clothing. Your choices can be as silly, fluffy, or threadbare as you like. As long as the attire for the evening feels good, you’ve made the right choice.
The stay at home outfit may be a pair of well-worn pajamas, paired a robe you’ve had long enough to break in to your liking. Fuzzy slippers or a warm pair of brightly colored socks may be just what you need to keep your feet warm. You get to choose and no one will be there to judge your choice of attire for the evening.

Even people who love to be with others need some alone time now and then. Plan an evening that’s just for you and feel free to pull out all the stops. There will be plenty of opportunities the next day to reconnect with your loved ones and catch up on anything you missed.