You’ve been living in your Icon Beaverton apartment for a couple of years now. While you have no plans to move, it would be nice to shake things up a bit. One way you can inject new life into your living space is to purchase some new furniture. Here are some signs that the time has come to think about having a huge yard sale and then heading out to buy some new things.

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You’re Tired of the Color Scheme

When you first moved in, it was all about choosing bright colors to offset the neutral shades already in your apartment in Beaverton, OR. The colors were just what you wanted for a time but they are beginning to get a little stale. It would be nice to go with something that is more subdued but still works well with the flooring and the wall color.

It’s true that you could buy slipcovers and apply a coat of paint to some of the things you already own but would that really be the best way to go? Slipcovers look nice but even the best ones need adjusting now and then. If you choose to purchase a new sofa and upholstered chairs for the living room, it’s easy to go with soothing shades that fit in with your new color preferences and not have to deal with the slipping.

The Furniture Style Has Lost Its Appeal

You liked the styles for the living room, dining room, and bedroom furnishings at one time. Lately, you have wondered if something in a different style would be more in line with your current sense of taste. You still like the idea of keeping things casual, but something that is also a little more uptown is in order.

In this scenario, it’s definitely time to visit a few furniture stores and see what styles would provide the look you want for your Icon Beaverton apartment rental. Remember that along with a new look, you do want pieces that are the ideal scale for the space and provide the comfort you crave.

You Can Afford New Furniture

A few years ago, you were just starting out with a new employer. There wasn’t a lot of money so you made furniture choices that did not place much strain on the budget.

Things have gotten better financially since then. Now you can afford to invest in furniture that’s higher in quality and likely to last for a long time. You’ve even been setting aside some cash every month so that you would not have to create more debt in order to refurnish your apartment at Icon Beaverton.

Since you have the resources on hand, why not treat yourself to new furniture? Be on the lookout for holiday sales that offer deeper discounts. You may find that there’s enough cash to pay for everything outright and not have to use your credit cards at all.

Few things will make your home at Icon Beaverton seem new again like getting rid of the old furniture and replacing it with something different. Start gathering ideas today. In just a few weeks, your place will have a new look and still be home sweet home.