At Icon Beaverton Apartments, we understand that tenants want living space that is as nice outside as it is inside. Along with all the features that ensure you are comfortable and safe in your apartment, we also offer a few other amenities that make the outside pleasant and practical.


One of the things you’ve learned from looking at different apartments for rent in Beaverton, OR is that not all of them come with adequate parking. With us, you will have a place to park all the time. No matter what hours you work and what time you arrive home, you can find a space close to your front door. That also comes in handy when you’ve been shopping and have quite a few bags to get from the car and into your home.

Landscaping is also something that we consider important. When you pay a visit with the intent to check out an apartment for rent in Beaverton, one of the things you’ll notice is the shrubs, trees, and other natural elements used to add a touch of nature to the complex. Designed to provide that little something extra while still having plenty of places to park, you’ll love way the natural elements are arranged and what they do for the general appearance of the place.

If you have ever said to yourself “there’s no apartments for rent near me that have everything I want,” contact us and arrange for a tour. After you get a look at the grounds and see all the amenities that are included in each apartment, your search for the perfect place to live will be over.